Intertexuality and THE MATRIX

Minds and bodies in THE MATRIX

Continue our discussion of mind/body relationships (or, as noted in class, relationships between mind and bodies - digital and "real"). How do the film makers use character bodies to signify differences in the space of the matrix and the space of the real? For you, what are the most effective devices used to show the relationship between mind, digital body, and material body? By the end of the film, how has Neo reconfigured that relationship to do things that no one else can do? By reference to the film text, can you offer an explanation for how or why he is able to do this?


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Drew E.

The mind in relation to the body in the real world of the movie is similar to how it is in real life, at least I'm guessing so, they don't really address the body in relation to the real world very much. But in the real world, they are able to program knowledge into the mind, such as the ability to know Kung Fu, but they are only able to exercise this ability in the Matrix. This would be because in the real world, you would understand the technique behind Kung Fu, you would be able to comprehend how it works, but your physical body would not have the muscle memory to carry it out. But in the Matrix, your digital body is controlled entirely by the mind, so once he's gained an understanding of how the rules work in the Matrix, Neo is able to master Kung Fu even though he's never tried it before. In the real world he would not be able to use Kung Fu unless he practiced a lot because his body would not be able to keep up, but in the Matrix all he needs is his mind to make his digital body do what he wants. By the end of the movie, Neo understands enough that he is able to use his mind to manipulate his body and the digital world around him which is how he does things no one else can do. I hope that doesn't just end up being confusing.

Aurea Escobedo

In the movie they show how in the real world they can plug people in and give them knowledge to survive more in the matrix. One of the example is how the girl can have the pilot download a program to fly a plain. Another is how Neo starts to realize he can do whatever he wants with his body in the matrix because it is not the real world. In the dissuasion on class if you believe that you got shot then you will die, but for Neo he can understand that the matrix is not real for him. I think that's what being told.

Brandon F

In the real wold everyone looks pale and unhealthy not like heroes. but when they enter the matrix they look bright healthy and more powerful they use there minds to do things in the matrix that they cant do in real life but still to if they get hurt in the matrix they get hurt in the real world or they die. Neo by the end of the film is able to over come the connection of his mind and body this allows his go even further with what he can do in the matrix and he does not die in the real world.

Connor Courtney

I find the whole dynamic that we're all programs in a system interesting, And that some get freed. I think the whole concept that this life is just a small thing in a bigger scheame is cool, a definite parallell to many religions

Mohammed Alsalman

I find how the interpretations between mind and body in the Matrix the relationship to them in the world in the Movie. how humans were governed by systems and actually how the matrix is powered by the mind in reality. The Agents were like FBI seems to me; they rule everything in the digital world.

In the matrix the humans are in pods and hooked up to machines. What they experience to be reality is actually made up, they live in a dream world. When Neo freed his mind, like meditation, he was able to bend the spoon. He was able to control around him. The mind is stronger than the body in the matrix. You control your surroundings with your mind. The humans believe that they are free, living what life is thought to be. However, they are hooked up in the pods and are not free in reality.

Mohammed Alsalman

add to that I mean Humans body connected to their mind and they can see what is reality by free their mind out of the system which similar to the idea the humans carry the laws. and the Word Zion and the delusion was interesting and access codes. its like living hereafter in going to what happened to the humans. I think its very similar to it.

cullen manley

Neo’s from the beginning is rapidly changed in the matter of a few simple instances that are novel from what the filmmakers trying to depict as his boring daily life, this is the basic construction for most narratives a sudden shift in equilibrium. A defining moment in the movie is when Neo ask to make a phone call and his mouth is sewn shut and he’s not able to speak sudden everything that happened before seemed to proper and unrealistic to be constructs of everyday life.

Connor Courtney

I wish i could do the things Neo could in the movie. Be the ultimate fighter, and jump death defying lengths. Thats what first got me to watch this movie many years ago. But the more I watched it the more I caught on to and got everytime I watched. I got something different out of the movie every time I've watched it.

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